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Decoding Certification Exams: A Path to Professional Success

Decoding Certification Exams: A Path to Professional Success Some students struggle with industry certification exams, relying on the same test-taking short-cuts that worked for them in high school or college. However, certification exams are constructed and delivered differently than most school exams. Taking shortcuts can lead to disqualification or other penalties imposed by exam administrators […]

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Announcement: Closure of online delivery for most provincial insurance licensing exams

June 16, 2023 Some insurance regulators in certain provinces have decided to stop offering remote online exams for provincial insurance licensing. This means that individuals who are LLQP-certified will have to go to specific locations chosen by the regulators to take their licensing exams in a classroom setting. We strongly recommend that for up-to-date provincial […]

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What is the LLQP?

The Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) is the training and certification program that individuals must complete to be permitted to sell life insurance products in Canada. National scope, provincial delivery Life insurance license regulation operates at the provincial, not federal, level. Therefore, you must apply for a license in each province where you intend to […]

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