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We are Canada’s leading provider of the Life Insurance Qualification Program (LLQP). The LLQP is the pre-qualification course students must pass before being permitted to attempt provincial life insurance exams.
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Why Choose Oliver?

Oliver's LLQP includes online text, on-demand videos, quizzes, mock exams and interactive lessons. Study at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our friendly teaching style and multilingual resources ensure passing the LLQP is within reach for everyone.
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We recognize you have a busy life and need to make time to study. We have formulated the most efficient path to certification that has helped tens of thousands of students get LLQP-certified. Let us guide you to success.

User Friendly Llqp


86% of our students state our course has a user-friendly design and agree the explanations of insurance concepts in the study notes and videos are clear. We strive to find innovative ways to help students learn, whether it is through our Need-to-Know videos, interactive lessons or through thousands of practice questions.

Reliable Llqp


Our LLQP course is reliable in its delivery and  results. Choose the course used by leading Canadian banks, insurers, and brokerages for their employees. You can count on us to lead with our engaging instructional content and innovative learning technology.

How is our LLQP Course Different?

Our learners have diverse education, language, and industry backgrounds. Whether you understand lessons the first time through or whether you need additional learning resources—we have got you covered.
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#1 LLQP trainer in Canada

We certify more students who write and pass their provincial exams than any other LLQP provider in Canada. Trust the statistics.

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