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This page is for individuals who have already earned either an accident and sickness insurance license or a life insurance license and want to

  • sell additional product types and/or
  • increase the number of provinces in which they are licensed

Accident and Sickness Agents: Adding life insurance

If you’ve already earned your A&S license and want to sell life insurance products including segregated funds and annuities, you must complete the following modules and pass the corresponding provincial exams.

  • Segregated Funds and Annuities Module
  • Life Insurance Module

Life Insurance Agents – Adding provinces

If you are life insurance licensed in a common law province and want to sell insurance in Quebec, you must first pass a civil law Ethics exam which is unique to Quebec. If you are in Quebec and wish to sell insurance in any other province (i.e., common law provinces), you must pass a common law Ethics exam.

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