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Life License Qualification Program (LLQP)

The Canadian Life Insurance Course* - LLQP

The Canadian Life Insurance Course is a self-study, certified* LLQP program that prepares students for a career as a life agent selling life insurance, accident and sickness insurance, and insurance investments.

The Canadian Life Insurance Course is a student’s best choice to ensure LLQP success because there is no assumption of prior financial service industry and insurance knowledge. Every concept is fully explained and all products precisely described.

* The Canadian Accident and Sickness Insurance Course is certified by provincial regulators. The certified content providers of the Course is Oliver Publishing

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Unique Benefits of The Canadian Life Insurance Course

Canadian Life Insurance Course students are well-prepared for the provincial exam by the unique benefits of this program:

The Canadian Life Insurance Course provides an enriched program of mandatory modules, supplementary modules, knowledge review questions and answers, practice exam, practice exam answers, and a Certification Exam.

Amount of Time Required for the Course

The amount of time required to be successful with the provincial exam will depend on:

It is estimated that a minimum of 70 hours of concentrated study is required to pass the exam for the full license for someone already acquainted with many of the basic financial concepts covered in the course (such as, capital gains tax).

Program details

Full License: The Canadian Life Insurance Course (LLQP)

Students enrolled in The Canadian Life Insurance Course, full license version will receive:

Book 1: Text: The Canadian Life Insurance Course (LLQP): the textbook of the course containing all mandatory and supplementary modules, 592 pp

Book 2: Study Notes for The Canadian Life Insurance Course (LLQP): the short-form version of the Text covering all mandatory modules, plus review questions; 384 pp

Book 3: Exam Prep: The Canadian Life Insurance Course (LLQP): the testing book of the course with hundreds of multiple choice questions, answers and answer rationale, practice exam, and practice exam answer rationale, 256 pp

Certification Exam: available on line or in print; online results available instantly; in print results available within 24 hours of receipt of answer sheet

Cost for the course: $399 plus shipping and handling, and GST

How to enroll

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